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Second reply of Bishop Michael Hrynchyshyn, C.S.s.R.

In this reply, the Exarch gives his opinion of the duration of the faculties.

Click here to view the texts which correspond to the confirmations obtained from Pope Pius XII referred to in the lines of the letter which is scanned and appears vis-a-vis. The texts linked are precisely verbatim transcriptions of the thirteen documents received by NCCL’s Executive Director on May 11, 2004 accompanying Bishop Hrynchyshyn’s letter dated May 6, 2004 and appearing on the page linked here.

(The actual photocopies sent by the Bishop are too dark — mostly with age — to read easily after scanning. Only the Roman numerals which appear in the transcriptions in the top left corner are different, insofar as they are typed; whereas in the photocopies sent by Bishop Hrynchyshyn, the numerals are hand-written in the same location on the page. All other script on the actual photocopies is in type form. The transcriptions are rendered in format/placement and font style to match as closely as possible the same format & style as appear on the photocopies themselves.)


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