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Now look what you’ve done!

Thanks to your generous charity, Assefa Hailu Baraki is alive.

Upon his first arrival to St. Yared General Hospital, Assefa was …in a coma. That was October, 2010.

Now, because of the contributions of donors like you in solidarity with our little brother in Christ, Assefa, the Baraki family and NCCL has been able to send him to dialysis three times a week—walking!

He is also able to walk to holy Mass.

More good news: despite original uncertainty, it looks as if Assefa’s brother Robiel will be able to donate one of his kidneys, as you can read here on the Baraki Family Blog.

The Barakis extend their thanks for your good work.

Now let’s keep up the momentum!

You can keep an eye on Assefa’s progress, and make a donation, by clicking his Kidney Fund Blog here.

To make a life-saving donation through NCCL, click here.

Or, to beat the PayPal fees, mail your check with a memo, “for Assefa’s care”, to Nat’l Coalition of Clergy & Laity, 621 Jordan Circle, Whitehall PA 18052.
Phone 610/435-2634 for details.

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