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Bearing fruit that feeds thousands … far and away

An email from The Rev. Abba (Father) Abraha Baraki of the Robe-Bale mission parish of St. Emmanuel in Ethiopia summarizes …

Dear Gregory Lloyd

Thank very much for another inquiry of “Gregorian” Masses stipends for Divine Service for Souls in Purgatory Operation Mission Stipends charity.

1. I am willing and able to celebrate more Gregorian Masses for Mary Deskovich for the repose souls for her parents. I celebrate Mary Mother’s 30 Masses consecutive days from September 1st to September 30, 2011. And for her father’s from October 1st-30, I celebrate the two sets of Masses.

2. For 100 Masses the holy Souls in the Purgatory I will arrange the programs with the God’s will as following:

a/ 25 Masses in December Month 2011
b/ 25 Masses in March Month 2012
c/ 25 Masses in April Month 2012
d/ 25 Masses in May Month 2012

I will offer, if you agree in this programs.

Thank you again for all your help and interesting for all good willing for us.

God bless you all your family.

Yours faithful,
Abba Abraha Baraki

The generosity of Mary Deskovitch, and others with her, has reached all the way to Ethiopia through NCCL’s “Operation Mission Stipends.” Thanks to them, a family of poor displaced Ethiopian farmers and the parish & mission of a priest — the patriarch of said family — are supported in their daily needs.

The charity of those donors reached thousands of miles to people who will be forever grateful. Will your charity bear the same fruit?

Click here to request Roman or Ethiopic (Ge’ez) Masses (all in the traditional manner) to be celebrated for your intentions.

NCCL sends 100% of your gift to the needy missionaries.

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