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Who would have ever thought that so little could pay for so much?

Won’t you contribute just a little to save this young Ethiopian Christian‘s life?

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation online. Or mail a check payable to NCCL, “for Assefa Baraki’s kidney transplant” and mail it to 621 Jordan Circle, Whitehall PA 18052-7119 USA.

Itemized Cost of Kidney Transplant
Assefa Hailu Baraki
patient at St. Yared Hospital, Addis Ababa ETHIOPIA

bona fide expense summary prepared after consultation with medical coordinators & staff at
St. Yared Hospital, Addis Ababa, and Apollo Hospital, Ahmedabad, INDIA

by Gregory P. Lloyd, M.A.
Executive Director, National Coalition of Clergy & Laity
621 Jordan Circle, Whitehall PA 18052 USA

coalition@fast.net      national-coalition.org      lookingeast.stblogs.com

compiled August 28, 2011 by NCCL

medical treatment description
amounts in USD

HBV treatment for one month
Kidney Dialysis for 4 weeks
Kidney Transplantation Procedures

transportation and accommodation
amounts in USD

Airfare (round-trip) for 3 persons ($1,400 per person x 3)
Room & Board for 3 persons ($100 a day) for 1 month
Other Miscellaneous Expenses for one month



The above are estimated costs of the Apollo Hospital in Ahmedabad, India, for the renal transplant of Assefa Hailu Baraki including the surgical procedure of Robiel Hailu Baraki the candidate donor of kidney.
NCCL has intensified communications between Saint Yared General Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and the Apollo Hospital in order to expedite the referral and kidney transplantation processes on behalf of the Baraki Family and the patient.

Apollo Hospitals, Ahmedabad, has performed numerous Renal Transplants with success rates comparable to the best hospitals. They accept only living, blood-related kidney donors for transplantation and will not arrange or accept kidneys from non-relatives.

The package cost of kidney transplantation costs US $20,000 (single room), as follows:

Up to 8 days stay for donor and 12 days stay for Recipient in case of open Donor Nephrectomy and up to 5 days stay for Donor and 12 days stay for the Recipient in case of Laproscopic Nephrectomy.
One day preoperative and the rest of the days for post – operative care shall be taken into consideration.
Post operative lab and radiology charges for the donor and recipient up to US $500.
Donor and Recipients OT/ Ward consumables, Medicine up to US $1,750.
OT charges for recipient and donor surgery.
Transfusion services: Four unit of blood and three unit of FFP.
Surgeon’s fees for Donor and Recipient.
Anesthesia services for donor and recipient.
Re-exploration within the package days (12 days). However, the cost towards medicine and consumables will be charged additionally on actual basis.
Nephrology consultation during o donor work-up and 04 post transplant visit is included within the package.
Preoperative donor work up or the recipient preparation.
Stay beyond the package days will be charged extra.
Medication like Gancyclovir, Hbig, OKT3, ATG and other imported medication including needy TPN.
Preoperative Dialysis.
Corrective surgery if any, after transplant for complication or biopsy after 12 days.
Any invasive cardiac imaging or intervention for heart disease that is required post operatively.
HLA typing and Cross match.

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