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Details unfold

Assefa receives commendations from authorities at school in 2010

Correspondence continues between the National Coalition of Clergy and Laity, St. Yared Hospital where Assefa is currently receiving treatment, and Apollo Hospital in India, where Assefa is scheduled to receive his transplant and post-transplant care.

We are getting closer, but Assefa still needs your help. Please donate today to help save this young man’s life.

Francis Christian
Manager – Operation
International Patient Services
Apollo Hospitals International Limited

Dear Mr. Christian,

in the first place, please accept my thanks, howsoever belated, for your good communication (copied below) of last month. It has helped us to take several steps to bring the patient, Assefa Hailu Baraki, his brother-donor, Robiel Hailu Baraki, and their uncle, Rev. Abraha Baraki of Robe-Bale, Ethiopia, to Apollo Hospital in Ahmedabad.

If you would, permit please a few questions pursuant to your conversation this morning with the patient’s other uncle, Rev. Tesfamariam Baraki, of Washington D.C.

1. Would Apollo Hospital agree to receive payment for the medical treatment or/and renal transplant in installments?

By way only of example: three equal payments of approx. $12,000: one at the time of the patient’s inscription in the hospital (or, upon receipt of the visa to travel), another before the transplant, and another before the patient departs India?

At the moment the charity I represent, National Coalition of Clergy & Laity (NCCL), and the Baraki Family abroad hold in escrow approximately one-third of the estimate $40,000 US to bring the patient, donor and caregiver (their uncle) to Ahmedabad and back to Ethiopia.

We continue to beg the charity of benefactors, and not without hope, to obtain the remaining funds needed.

2. Can you confirm that the insurance firm, Nova Shields, has conducted legitimate business with Apollo Hospitals in India?, as they give to understand on their website, , where it reads, “Worldwide Areas of Treatment Supported By Us”, and listing the Apollo Hospitals group.

We are exploring whether or not to use their services in part to fund the transplant etc. of the patient.

3. Is there a possibility (in principle) that Apollo Hospital Ahmedabad could agree to accept medical supplies in partial exchange for treatments to be paid for otherwise in U.S. dollars?

Some physicians, including directors of another non-profit charity, Medical Missionaries of Manassas, Virginia, are advising The Baraki Family and collaborating with NCCL, and have expressed readiness to supply some medicines and supplies useful to any hospital, in partial exchange for the services to treat Assefa Hailu Baraki.

Thanking you in anticipation of your prompt reply, I am

Sincerely & respectfully,
Gregory P. Lloyd, M.A.

Executive Director

National Coalition of Clergy & Laity

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Important Apollo needs regarding Assefa- a candidate for renal transplant
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011
From: Patrick Elms
To: Gregory Lloyd, Fr. Baraki


Mr. Christian of Apollo Hospital did not copy you on this e-mial (below).

The HEP B treatment ALONE post-transplant will be $8k-$10k.

C. Patrick Elms, Jr.

Coordinator of International Missions

National Coalition of Clergy & Laity


——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Regarding Assefa- a candidate for renal transplant
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2011
From: Intrnatl Patient care
To: Akeza Teame
Cc: Dr Praful

Dear Sir

Thanks for your mail and expressing confidence in us.

As advised by our specialist (DR.K.P.), Mr. Assefa Hailu Baraki can undergo Transplantation after detailed evaluation for Hepatitis-B.

He may require at least one month antiviral therapy for Hepatitis-B, before we can transplant him.

The approximate cost for detailed evaluation and one month antiviral therapy would be between US$8000 to US$10000 in single room with one month stay.

Kindly have a look on attached file of “Renal Transplant Package” for your reference.

We need of scanned copies of passports of Recipient, Donor and Accompanying person to assist with Invitation letter to obtain visa from concern embassy.

* Your ‘fitness to fly’ certificate (if medically warranted)
* Copy/originals of all medical reports and medical prescriptions
* CD copies of any scans like MRI/CT/ECHO
* Referral note from your doctor, if any
* 10 passport size photographs (Patient & Accompanying person/s)
* 2 copies of passport & visa (Patient & Accompanying person/s)

Please feel free to contact us for further information on this.


Francis Christian
Manager – Operation
International Patient Services
Apollo Hospitals International Limited
Gujarat, India
From: Akeza Teame MD
Date: Friday, July 22, 2011
To: Dr Mignot; Head Nurse Essete H; Gregory P Lloyd; Rev Fr Tesfamariam Baraki; Patrick Elms; Dr. Praful Pawar; International Patient Care
Subject: Regarding Assefa- a candidate for renal transplant

Dear Mr. LLoyd,
I am sorry that the referral process has taken longer than we like it to. I was on the phone with Dr. Mignot and Dr. Abebe this afternoon after I spoke with Mr. Patrick Elms. Let me detail in this email what has already been done and what the next steps will be. Please note that Dr. Praful Pawar, the CEO of Apollo Hospital in Ahmadabad and Mr. Christian, the international patients coordinator at Apollo Hospital have been cc’d on this email.
The medical summary of the patient (Assefa) has been attached to this email for the second time. All the investigations done on the donor (the patient’s brother, Robiel) have been completed and again attached to this email for the second time.

HLA typing could not be done in Ethiopia. We could attempt to send it to Sudan for the second time but it has not been easy to do so. We will wait to get input from Apollo regarding this test, which is crucially important, but impossible to get done in Ethiopia.

Once the patient has been accepted by Apollo hospital, the family of the patient will take a letter from our hospital and present it to the medical board at Black Lion Hospital for final clearance. In the past, the Indian Embassy in Ethiopia had required this extra document prior to issuing a visa, even though not consistently. The family will also have to get an authenticated letter from the ministry of health/ministry of foreign affairs authorizing the organ donation. Since patients from Ethiopia have received transplant services at this particular Apollo Hospital, Dr. Pawar or Mr. Christian could tell us exactly what specific office they will need that letter to come from.

Once all is good to go, Apollo Hospital will send an invitation letter to to the patient that he will present to the Indian Embassy for visa processing. A copy of the same letter will be automatically sent to the the Indian Embassy by Apollo as well. Once a visa is issued to the patient, donor and accompanying individual (s), a travel arrangement will be made and the itinerary will be forward to Mr. Christian so that appropriate arrangements could be made for pick up at the airport,

We have referred numerous patients for various medical services to Apollo Hospital in Ahmadabad and the feed back has been excellent. Please note that we are not the ones who handle the legal/visa process for the patient. Our commitment is to evaluate the patient and forward our findings to Apollo and facilitate the correspondence. All legal and authentications-related issues are to be handled by the patient’s family. Dr, Mignot will be happy to assist in anyway possible as she has already done so.

Dear Dr. Pawar and Mr. Christian,
Please meet Mr. Lloyd and Mr. Elms who are with the Charity organization, which kindly has agreed to cover all the medical expenses for the transplant services to be rendered to Assefa. They are in the US and they have been very instrumental in coordinating his care so far.
They have been authorized by the patient and his family to discuss his case with us and you without reservation. They have many unanswered questions including how they can transfer funds to your hospital. Please take it from here. Please note that all the documents have been attached to this email again for your convenience. Assefa is a gifted student
with a bright future who needs to be back in school in the fall. As a result, it goes without saying that we need get him to your hospital the as soon as possible. As always, we remain grateful to the kindness and professional services you continue to provide to our Ethiopian patients.

Dear Dr. Mignot,
Please continue to communicate with us regarding updates and things of that nature. We appreciate your diligent work and please continue to be of great help to Assefa and his family as much as possible. Please strengthen your correspondence with Mr. Lloyd and Mr. Elms as well since they have many legitimate and unanswered questions.

Warmest regards to all of you.
Akeza Teame, MD
Medical Director
Saint Yared General Hospital
Board-certified in Internal Medicine (US)
Board-certified in Infectious Diseases (US)
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Website: http://www.saintyared.com

From: Gregory P Lloyd
Subject: e-mail reply of Dr. Mignot Belay, Director of the Kidney
Center at St Yared Hospital
To: Teame Akeza MD
Cc: Rev Father Abraha Baraki , Rev Fr Tesfamariam Baraki , Patrick
Elms , Patrick Elms – NCCL Coordinator of International Missions
Date: Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dear Dr. Teame,

as promised in the e-mail of moments ago, please find here, below, a copy of the e-mail dated July 17 from Dr. Mignot, along with the five attachments of test results for Robiel, the prospective kidney donor.

Sincerely & respectfully,
Gregory Lloyd


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