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As their suffering grows, does your compassion also?

The National Coalition of Clergy and Laity transfers funds, provided by generous donors like you, for Assefa’s dialysis. But even as we support Assefa, the suffering in Ethiopia is growing.

Read below to hear Abba Abraha Baraki’s report of the terrible drought in Ethiopia that he and those under his care are experiencing firsthand.

And remember that you can help them in their need. Donate through NCCL or e-mail the Executive Director to ask how to donate directly to the missions in Ethiopia.

Reverend and dear Abba Abraha,

please forgive my cold silence and lack of charity these days. Truth be told, I am weak and my duties & obligations are heavy.

Tomorrow morning I shall transfer to you the too-long-delayed $6,005 of Mass stipends for Operation Mission Stipends.

Meanwhile, I shall confer with Father Tesfamariam about how much to send to Brother Cesare, to continue the dialysis. (See his e-mail, copied below.) I think we must send a minimum of $2,000.

Also, I shall ask Father Tesfamariam what must next be done to bring Assefa to India. I agree: the sooner he can travel to India for the transplant, the better.

Unfortunately, there are some problems & conditions here that delay our begging for the needed money. But we are working to remove the obstacles.

I have also received Brother Cesare’s letter of August 15, informing of the terrible emergency in Ethiopia. I have asked an editor of the Looking East weblog to post the letter.

Thank you for your prayers and for all the generous sacrifices you make to strengthen the Church in her weakest members.

Please grant your blessing.

Gregory P. Lloyd, M.A.

Executive Director, National Coalition of Clergy & Laity

Director, Pilgrimage for Restoration

——– Original Message ——–
From: Abraha Baraki
To: coalition@fast.net
Subject: Thanks and urgent mesage
Date: Mon Sep 12

Dear Mr. Lloyd Gregory,

Thank you. What you do day and night for our problem s to solve from our shoulder. I am appreciated for your kindly effort. Dear Gregory, in our family area this year, there is very a strong drought. The rain stopped and the crop field completely. The people in Irob Sub-District they are in bad starvation situation. Asefa’s parent and my brother orphanage children with their children are waiting and looking up food the help from my hand. Three families are in Irob sub -district one family In Mekele and one family with patient In Addis Ababa with house rent and food. This is very big problems to me. Also the money that you collect is going in dialysis. If you could find some money would be better to hurry as soon as possible the Asefa’s transplant way. I know you are in big problems to get the money. But Asefa and Robie if go to the Hospital India, Addis Ababa group and Mekle group can be in one place. The money which goes to the rent of the house can be saved. If you can’t get soon please, tell me how much is remaining. The left part I will borrow here from somebody for time being. I remember you with all your family and all our charitable kind people in my daily prayers and I hope you remember me in all yours.

God bless you all your family and workers’.
Yours truly,
AbbaAbraha Baraki


Reverend and dear Brother Cesare,

thank for your kind greetings and for the accounting of the charity to Assefa.

Please forgive my silence. Of course you should have heard from me long ago.

Tomorrow I shall begin the transfer of approximately $1,800 for Assefa’s continued care in Addis Ababa. The transfer must clear two banks here, so it will be Thursday (I think) at the earliest that the funds are ready to transfer to the Salesians account in Addis Ababa.

Thank you also for the letter dated August 15. With you we are moved to pity, and also pray with you to Our Blessed Lady, Mary the Mother of God, for the relief of Ethiopia’s suffering ones.

I have begun to ask friends and benefactors of this humble apostolate to do whatever God moves to bring some charitable relief to the least of the brethren there. Of course you will understand that we concentrate our charity to Assefa, since he is the one we have first promised to help. Besides, our organization must cope with its limitations: it and I are very small.

Thanking you for your kindness, and earnestly asking God to fill and to move us all with His charity.

Gregory P. Lloyd, M.A.

Executive Director, National Coalition of Clergy & Laity

Director, Pilgrimage for Restoration

——– Original Message ——–
From: Bro. Cesare Bullo
To: Gregory P Lloyd , Fr Tesfamariam
Subject: Medical Expenses of Assefa Hailu
Date: Thu Sep 08 2011

Dear Gregory P. Lloyd,

First of all best regards from Addis Abeba.

Here I am sending to you an up-date for amount received and amount disbursed for the medical treatment of Assefa Hailu.

As you can see from the attached report, there is a negative balance of Birr 27,408 = US $ 1,610.

I would be grateful if you could let me know if other transfers have been done or if there is anything coming soon.

Wishing you all the best

Brother Cesare Bullo, SDB


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