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Campaign of prayer for a miracle

Please pray for a miracle.

That the Holy Ghost move to charity the hearts of faithful and others of good will, to help realize Assefa’s transplant.

Hand in hand with Assefa’s Family, the NCCL apostolate is asking you to join in praying The Lord Christ for the needed miracle, and to thereby to join oneself spiritually to the healing ministry of Jesus Christ, the Divine Physician, Who alone can restore health to Assefa.

Why do we ask for these prayers now?

Until now, some of the NCCL apostolate believed (evidently deluded by pride) that the $40,000 needed for the transplant was ‘within our grasp’.

But now that plans have had to change (read about it here), and over 10 times that amount is now needed, we humbly turn to The Lord Jesus Christ under His title, “Infant of Prague” to provide surely what He alone can.

Children helping Children

Already the three youngest Lloyd Children – Bernadette (aged 10), Melanie (6) and Joseph (4) have begun a daily novena of prayer to Jesus their Little Brother-and-Infant of Prague.

They ask me, their father, to beg you to ask other children to pray for Assefa, to their fellow Child in Innocence, Jesus Christ: to implore Him to heal Assefa.

Adults praying for Assefa

We ask all adults to pray with the pure faith of children for the same intention.

Asking Carmels to pray for Assefa

Finally, we are asking all Nuns of Carmel, with the same child-like faith of their Patroness, Thérèse of Lisieux, to pray to the Infant Jesus of Prague for Assefa’s cure — including transplant, if still necessary after the campaign of prayers is answered.

Over the next couple days I am contacting a few of the Carmels and a Benedictine monastery to come once again to the rescue.

Stay tuned for updates.

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