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So sudden and terrible a loss

It is with much sorrow that we have today learned of the sudden death of Assefa’s 29 year-old brother Fisehaye Hailu Baraki. 

(Assefa is the 22 year-old Ethiopian lad kept alive by kidney-hemo dialysis since last December thanks to the charity of NCCL’s benefactors.  See the posts on this blog.)

May God mercifully grant Fisehaye eternal memory!

Fisehaye had been living with Assefa and their younger brother Robiel in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia’s capital city) for much of the time Assefa has received treatments in hospitals and clinics there, now for over a year.

Fisehaye had been very ill for a few years, suffering from high-blood pressure and other ailments.

The young man had only recently returned to the distant city of Mekele, to be with his 94 year-old Grandmother.  Fisehaye, his Grandmother and the rest of the Family are among the countless thousands of refugees forced from their homelands along Ethiopia’s long-militarized border with Eritrea.

Some of his brothers and cousins have escaped – narrowly – with the ‘help’ of pirates across the open sea to Italy.  Last year one of his siblings almost miraculously survived ruthless human-traffickers and sharp-shooting broader guards when fleeing through Egypt.

Many of The Barakis are poor farmers, most hailing from Irob: a region which has suffered almost 40 years of drought and famine, besides 20 years of warring and marauding on the Eritrean frontier.

We ask all the friends and benefactors of NCCL to pray for the repose of Fiehaye’s soul, and to beg The Good Lord God to treat his Parents, his Grandmother and siblings mercifully, granting them many consolations during this period of terrible trials.

To donate in charitable relief of the Baraki Family and other Eastern Catholic refugees from the Irob region, click here (to give through NCCL), or click here to give through the IRROB charity.


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