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Still Christ’s witnesses to Muslims in Ethiopia

Muslims may do no harm to Ethiopian Christians, it may come as a surprise to some. Then again, Christian hospitality — a beautiful charity — is proved in this instance to go a long, long way.

During persecutions of the nascent Muslim sect in the early 600s, Mohamed sent some of his followers to ‘Abyssinia’, or Ethiopia. They were shown remarkable hospitality by the Christian King, Ashama.

Mohamed thereafter laid down that his followers must not harm the Ethiopians. To this day the Muslims in Ethiopia don’t cause too much trouble to the Christians. Which is hardly to say they are easily converted.

Or that they treat the Christians with great respect, there or elsewhere.

In fact it so happens that, outside of Ethiopia certainly, Muslims can treat Ethiopians, women in particular, brutishly. It is a fact that in Egypt, for example, they enslave Ethiopian Christian women in the sex-trade … and throw them from the highest buildings when they’ve grown ‘old’.

(It would be helpful to mutual understanding to be able to ask a Muslim theological authority whether the Muslims who act so thereby show themselves to be unbelieving Muslims by mistreating Ethiopians, devout Muslims for eliminating infidels, or ignorant of the Quran altogether. If you have a lead to such a theologian, please advise.)

Thanks to the generous prayers & works of NCCL’s friends like you some young Christian Ethiopian & Eritrean women were ransomed from the human-traffickers in Egypt this past February. They made it to Israel … well, two of them did: a third, God rest her soul, was shot to death on the frontier — whether by Egyptian or Israeli guards is unknown.

Now it is a matter of bringing Abeba Hagos and Rahwa Ghidey to the States, if possible. Or to Italy, where they have a better chance of finding refugee status, because of the reparation the Italians are still feeling and making since the days of the barbarous attack on Ethiopia in the 1930s.

Our plans are to turn attention back to those Ladies after, Assefa, the young Ethiopian lad in need of kidney transplant (from his younger brother, Robiel) can be brought to the States for the operation.

There is much to pray & work for. Please give generously to save lives!

If you can lend support of any kind (prayerful or professional) to help the young Ladies, please contact the Executive Director asap.


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