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Urging word from Ethiopia

Thanks to the generosity of NCCL benefactors who continue to pay for the dialysis, the e-mail below does not bode as badly as it at first may seem.

But it is still not happy news. And it certainly urges us to ‘pick up the pace’ of the project.

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Urgent mesage
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2011 09:55:26 -0800
From: Rev Fr Abraha Baraki
To: Rev Fr Tesfamariam Baraki
CC: coalition@fast.net

Dear Fr Tesfamariam,

I hope you are well in good healthy.

Asefa Hailu’s kidney is going up in 13 stage now. He is weak little bit [more] than before in this week. The Doctor advised us to hurry the transplantation. Otherwise it is not good said. Now he orders the dialysis will be three times a week. When the dialysis take long time it is not good for him. By this reason it is better hurry. If there is some way please try soon to get some solution. We pray to do some solution God by His mercy.

The God’s providence is with you all our charitable kind people.

Yours truly,
Abba Abraha Baraki


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