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And ‘updating’ the miracle some more

If one miracle can lead to another this is the time to pray for it.

Physicians and staff at Georgetown University Hospital (GUH) inform that post-transplantation care of Asefa will be very expensive, no matter if provided in the States or in his native Ethiopia.

They estimate it will amount to US $36, – $48,000.00 dollars per year (i.e., $3-$4,K per month).

They also tell us there is no way GUH will conduct the transplant if there are not sufficient funds on hand to provide Asefa with the needed, life-sustaining post-operative immuno-therapy, much of which is mediation.

How much is sufficient? For the rest of this his life.

How much, in numbers of dollars, GUH will determine is necessary to have on hand before surgery? They have not yet said. It will be a special board of doctors, nurses and staff to decide finally.

We ask your continued, now intensified prayers therefore for the needed funds to save this young refugee’s life.

Please spread the word, and contribute, with The Baraki Family, to Assefa’s care and the project to bring his younger brother Robel, the donor, to the U.S. for the kidney transplant.

Every day that passes without the transplant reduces the surgery’s prognosis for success, weakens Assefa’s overall health, and places him in closer danger to death.

In order to save his brother’s life, Robel has voluntarily given up his seat at school — a tremendous act of love, faith & courage — in order to care for his brother in Addis Ababa and to give him a kidney. No greater love!

Please give generously by clicking here. http://national-coalition.org/#giftbutton


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