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Your brother’s keepers

It is thanks to your charity that continued dialysis keeps our adopted brother in Christ, Assefa, alive until the hoped-for transplant at Georgetown University Hospital.

Yesterday, NCCL has transferred $3,970 USD of donors’ gifts to the Salesians of St. John Bosco in Addis Ababa, all to pay for medical expenses of Assefa, the young Irob refugee who has suffered from chronic kidney failure since the early days of his flight from his homeland in October 2010.

Thanks to the Salesians who transfer the funds to hospital and clinics for dialysis & tests, and to his younger brother, Robel, age 19, who is courageously waiting to donate a kidney to his brother, Asefa has a fighting chance.

Yesterday’s transfer reimburses the Salesians with approx. $3,123 in back-payments. The remaining $873 pays for about one month of dialysis.

Since December, 2010 NCCL has contributed $17,031.45 to Assefa’s care.

Please pray for a speedy transplant at GUH in Washington, D.C.

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: record of inter-bank wire-transfer to pay for medical
treatments/hemo-dialysis & medical tests of Asefa and Robel Hailu
Baraki, patients – St. Yared Hosptal, Addis Ababa
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2012 00:35:31 -0400
From: Gregory P Lloyd
Organization: NCCL
To: Rev Fr Cesare Bullo SDB c/o Mission & Project Office
CC: Rev Father Abraha Baraki, Rev Fr Tesfamariam Baraki, William R Marra, Michael J Meier, Patrick Elms

Rev. Brother Cesare Bullo, SDB
Provincial House – Salesians of Don Bosco
P.O. Box 531, Addis Ababa ETHIOPIA

tel 011-251-11/465-3587

Reverend and dear Brother Cesare,

in belated completion of my intentions expressed in the e-mail of March 6, I have finally on Monday of this week (March 26) ordered the transfer via bank wire to the Salesian account the promised gift in the amount of $3,970 US to pay for Asefa Hailu Baraki’s continued kidney/hemo dialysis and medical tests, as well as the medical tests for his brother and kidney donor, Robel Hailu Baraki.

The National Coalition of Clergy & Laity apostolate has received that amount in gifts from faithful who contribute to the medical care of Asefa Hailu Baraki, patient in the hospitals & clinics of Addis Ababa.

The transaction number which our bank has assigned to the transfer is 2012-03-26-1xxxxx.

Our bookkeeper has reviewed the records of transfers and expenditures which you have e-mailed to us (in an Excel .xls spreadsheet) on March 6. In answer to your question, and to confirm your calculations: yes, we have found your accounting of the amount in gifts received to be accurate.

By our estimates (the currency exchange is not always 100% accurate), the negative balance on the account in the amount of ETB 54,378.27 Ethiopian Birr as of March 6 is equivalent to $3,123.75 USD.

Please accept my repeated thanks for your kindness and the charity of the Salesian Community’s assistance in this ongoing medical necessity.

Begging the charity also of your good prayers, I have the honor to remain

Sincerely yours in Christ,

610/435-2634 tel-office
484/201-3852 cellular


Gregory P. Lloyd, M.A.
Executive Director

National Coalition of Clergy & Laity
621 Jordan Circle, Whitehall PA 18052-7119 USA



“Pray, hope, and don’t worry.” St. Pio


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