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God’s will being done on earth, quite as it is in heaven

And it is marvelous to behold.

Look who’s smiling now.

Thanks to the prayers of children — in The Baraki and Lloyd Families, and their Little Friends — of several convents of Carmelite nuns, and not a few other devout souls, read (below) the astonishing things God has done in recent months to prepare for the long-needed kidney transplant for Assefa Baraki, our 22 year-old adopted Ethiopia brother [pictured here] who suffered double-kidney failure in October 2010 while fleeing his war-torn, native home.

1. His family and NCCL’s benefactors have provided approx. $20,000 in hemo-dialysis twice weekly since December 2010 at St. Yared General Hospital and at another clinic in Addis Ababa.

2. Assefa’s 19 year-old younger brother, Robel, has courageously volunteered to give his suffering brother a kidney. Robel has also left school — imperiling his future studies and livelihood! — to care for his brother in Addis Ababa while they await the transplant.

3. Responding to the request of a Bishop (who has asked to remain anonymous), Georgetown University Medical Hospital has graciously offered to donate surgery and inpatient care for the transplant. That service is the equivalent of approx. half a million dollars — and infinite charity.

4. Dr. Kenneth Kornetsky of Medical Missionaries has most graciously arranged for Asefa to receive life-sustaining pre-operative dialysis at a Virginia clinic, also gratis.

5. Already one prescription-drug supplier has pledged a year’s supply of the needed post-operative immuno-suppressant and anti-rejection medications which Asefa will need for the rest of his life.

6. Patrick Elms, NCCL’s Coordinator of International Missions, is writing to drug manufacturers to beg them to supply up to ten years of similar, additional drugs. (Georgetown will not conduct the transplant without adequate supplies in the offing.)

Asefa will also need medications to treat his hepatitis B after transplantation.

In all, drug costs to sustain Assefa after surgery are estimated at $35,000 to $40,000 per annum.

Now we must enter into negotiations with the U.S. Department of State, to obtain the necessary visas and other permissions for Assefa and Robel to visit the States for the surgery.

Your prayers and your alms are still most urgently needed. We estimate it will cost approx. $20,000 to bring Assefa and Robel to the U.S., to keep them, and to return them to Ethiopia.

God’s will be done!


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