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Update: transplant ready, visa pending, your charity needed

Among NCCL’s several current projects is responsibility to continue to pay for hemo-dialysis three times a week for a young Ethiopian, Assefa Baraki, suffering chronic failure of both kidneys. (“Chronic” means it cannot be reversed or cured medically, and he needs a transplant to survive.)

[photo: Assefa confers with his Doctor during dialysis treatment at St. Yared Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in the ‘Horn of Africa’.]

Since December 2010, NCCL has sent over $20,000 to keep Asefa alive in preparation for the hope-for and much prayed-for transplant. We’ve been praying in particular to Jesus Christ under His miraculous title, Infant of Prague, since He is renowned for providing even the greatest amounts of material aid to those in dire need.

In case you hadn’t heard the good news, those prayers — of many children and Carmelites ever young at heart — have been answered … in more ways than one.

For starters, the surgeons and staff at Georgetown University Hospital in D.C. have most generously acceded to our repeated requests and are making plans for Assefa’s transplant surgery — which they are providing entirely pro bono.

In addition, a medical drug supplier has agreed to donate needed anti-rejection medications. (We are looking for manufacturers to add to the supply, which will be needed for as long as Assefa lives.)

Perhaps most remarkable of all, a nephrologist (kidney specialist) with the Medical Missionaries charity in Northern Virginia, Dr. Kenneth Kornetsky, has most graciously offered to accept Asefa and his brother-donor, Robel, as his personal patients, as well as to provide Assefa with the needed life-sustaining (and very expensive) hemo-dialysis prior to the transplant.

That’s all free of charge.

Will you contribute to the momentum by joining your charity to the NCCL apostolate at this critical juncture?

At the moment NCCL — a charity in the true sense — does not have to its name even the $320 on hand to initiate application for a US visa for Assefa and his brother, Robel, who is donating his kidney. But that can change, thanks to your charity.

Please give today. It’s quick and painless. Just click here.

Asefa and Robel are suffering and praying already for you.

Every day Assefa becomes sicker. If he becomes too weak, the hospital cannot perform the surgery. As if that were not bad enough, his brother Robel has alredy missed a year of school while caring for his sick brother far away from home.

Did I mention these country boys are refugees, having fled the war of their homeland (Irob), living in a far-way, big, dangerous city, without employment and barely enough to eat?

If he should miss another year of studies — which NCCL is helping support for this young man showing so much promise — the outlook for Robel will be bleak indeed.

Please help this young Catholic lad not to miss another year of school. Together we can, The Good Lord willing, bring them here later this summer.

Won’t you please help?

Please donate to save the life of this young Catholic Ethiopian, filed with so much hope and promise. Click here to donate now.


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