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No greater love

Robel Hailu Baraki is laying his life down for his brother Assefa.

It takes courage to give up a kidney, even under the best of circumstances.  But what if you were living in a third-world country, where medical care is worse than third-rate?

The lifetime of medical care Robel will need is not likely to be had after the transplant.  But that has not stopped Robel.

Nor has missing two semesters of high school.  It may be hard for us, in the wealthy West, to realize the risk in that sacrifice, but Robel is painfully aware.

Robel is seen here standing on the far left
with his arm around his brother, Assefa.

But all that has not been the reason he has been literally begging his Priest-Uncle in Washington D.C. to do everything possible to expedite the transplant.   It is his brother’s steadily declining health that has him most concerned.

This is a man who does not think first of himself.

There really is no greater love.

We beg our benefactors and friends, and all men of good will, to pray for Robel and Assefa.  And to join the Carmelites and little children of several families (including The Riveras, The Lloyds and The Barakis) to pray unceasingly to speed up the visa process and the travel arrangements.


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