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What can one person do?

A lot, by charity. Especially when it is combined with the charity of others.

Friends have been asking what concretely they might do to advance the Baraki-Brothers’ toward the transplant. There are a few things:

1. Join the families already praying for them, invoking the saints of Ethiopia.

2. Contact NCCL’s Coordinator of International Missions, Patrick Elms at elms.patrick.nccl@gmail.com , to volunteer to help the Boys. For example, Assefa needs to be driven twice weekly for dialysis in Fort Belvoir, Virginia, from Takoma Park, Maryland.

3. Donate to NCCL to defray their extra medical costs and living expenses. For example, medicines not provided for by Georgetown University (which is otherwise providing the transplant gratis), fuel & tolls, a small stipend for rent — which has increased when their American brother & his growing family had to take a new apartment outside Washington because one bedroom was simply not enough for husband, his expectant wife, their two young children and the two Baraki-Brothers.

There’s more, of course. You can begin to form a picture of the expenses incurred from his two unexpected stays in hospital in September. (See the posts below.)

Give by clicking here, at http://national-coalition.org/#gift. Please be generous.

Mark your gift “Assefa’s care” or “Looking East”.

Gifts are tax-deductible, by the way. And you don’t need a PayPal account to donate online, at NCCL’s homepage, http://national-coalition.org/#gift.

All that’s needed is a credit card, and a little charity. (It goes a long way.)

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