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For the record: what your charity has accomplished

Brother Cesare Bullo, the bursar for the Salesians of St. John Bosco in Addis Ababa, has provided NCCL with photo copied facsimilies of the receipt of two transfers of donors’ gifts to cover medical costs for Assefa Hailu Baraki — as well as tests for his brother, Robel, who is donating him a kidney — while the two were being treated in St. Yared Hospital in Addis Ababa, before their arrival in Washington D.C. on September 6.

The following images are scans of said receipts etc. of the transfers, which receipts NCCL received via mail on October 6.

The image from above is of the envelope delivered to NCCL on Saturday, 6 October, containing the following two receipts.

The second image is of the receipt dated 2 August, showing the transfer of $3,674 US for medical expenses — mostly hemo-dialysis performed twice weekly at St. Yared General Hospital in Addis Ababa.

The third image of the receipt dated 21 August confirms the transfer of $500 US for continuing medical costs as well as for the applications fees to obtain the necessary visas for both Baraki Brothers from the U.S. Department of State at the Embassy in Addis Ababa.

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