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Because of you

Actually, because of Christ in you, and working through your charity, Assefa Hailu Baraki has received a second chance at life. Thanks also to the skill & compassion of the chief surgeon, Dr. Matthew Cooper, who performed today’s transplant, Assefa is alive and well this evening.

Dr. Cooper has even informed Assefa’s uncle-Priest, Father Tesfamariam Baraki, that the kidney donated by Father’s other nephew — and Assefa’s brother — Robel, began to function immediately after transplant this afternoon at the Georgetown University Transplant Institute.

Deo gratias!

See an interview with Assefa Hailu at The Baraki Family blogspot, http://barakifamily.blogspot.com/ .

Read and view another video of the courageous story of Assefa’s brother who donated his kidney, Robel Hailu, at this URL.

Please join The Baraki Family, Assefa, all the NCCL friends & benefactors in thanking The Almighty and Merciful God, Father, Son & Holy Ghost, for willing the survival of Assefa.


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