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They’re thriving, thanks be to God – and your charity

In multiple conversations by Skype since the surgery, patient Assefa & his courageous brother Robel have asked that the Executive Director please to greet in Christ and thank all the many benefactors of the NCCL apostolate for the charity which they have collectively poured out to these young Ethiopian lads.

The young men simply cannot cease thanking everyone, and asking the Executive Director to pass on their expressions of loving gratitude.

“Thank you! Thank you all, everyone, in the name of Jesus Christ our God. Thank you, thank you from my heart for the charity-love which you give to me for Jesus Christ. I cannot say enough. Words can not say what I feel, my love in my heart for good people who do everything, [who] save my life.”.

These and similar are the words which Assefa has repeated every time he speaks of the benefactors of the NCCL apostolate.

See an interview with Assefa Hailu by clicking on this hyper-link to The Baraki Family blogspot, or copy this URL http://barakifamily.blogspot.com/ into your browser’s search line.

Read and view another video of the courageous story of Assefa’s brother who donated his kidney, Robel Hailu, at this URL.

Please join The Baraki Family, Assefa, all the NCCL friends & benefactors in thanking The Almighty and Merciful God, Father, Son & Holy Ghost, for willing the survival and recovery of Assefa.


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