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God grant her many blessed years to come!

With great joy on the occasion of her 100th birthday, we thank God for, and offer our most cordial greetings in Him to, Mama Hagosa Baraki of Irob, Ethopia.


We ask also the charity of your prayers to God in thanksgiving for Mama Hagosa Baraki, the mother of two Priest-sons, Abbas Abraha & Tesfamariam, of ten other children (including multiple Religious daughters), and numerous grandchildren & great-grandchildren.

Those priests are among the missionaries who offer the holy Mass for the benefactors and friends of the NCCL apostolate in Operation Mission Stipends.

Mama Hagosa is also the grandmother of the young Baraki Brothers whom your charity has brought to the United States for the successful kidney transplant that spared the life of Assefa Hailu Baraki. (See other posts on this blog.)

Please say a special prayer for Mama’s health. On account of the ongoing warfare in her homeland, on the border of Eritrea, she has for several years been relocated to a city far away, Mekele. There she lives with many of her loving family who care for her. But the sadness of being separated from her homeland, and the dangers of life for any refugee, require special graces from God to endure.

Click here to view a short ‘video visit’ in small tribute to this grand Catholic matriarch who brings joy and peace and love to all who meet her in the Horn of Africa, quickened as she is with the presence of God.

God grand her many more blessed years of faith, hope & charity, and an eternity of joy of life in Christ!


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