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Another record of your charity and its accomplishments

receipt_envelope_Bro_Cesare_3-8-2013 Brother Cesare Bullo, the bursar for the Salesians of St. John Bosco in Addis Ababa, has provided NCCL with a photo copied facsimile of the receipt of a recent transfer of donors’ gifts to cover medical costs for Assefa Hailu Baraki — as well as tests for Robel, who donated a kidney to his brother — while the two were being treated in St. Yared Hospital in Addis Ababa, before their arrival in Washington D.C. in September last year.

The following image is a scan of said receipt of the transfers, which receipt NCCL received via mail today, March 8.

The receipt, dated 20 November, records the transfer of $1,500 US for past-due reimbursements to the Salesian Community for payments which they had fronted for the NCCL apostolate to pay the Hospital the ongoing expenses charged in order not to interrupt care of The Baraki Brothers before transplant. The expenses were for critical tests to prepare for the transplant, as well as to provide for hemo-dialysis performed twice weekly at St. Yared General Hospital in Addis Ababa.


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