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Time to help this Priest?

A priest who has suffered terribly for years in a war-torn region in the ‘Horn of Africa’ is in need of charity to preserve his sacred Ministry.

In short, NCCL is assisting this courageous servant of God to find a bishop in the West who will incardinate him — that is, to receive him legally into the bishop’s diocese. (Father is still incardinated in his own diocese, but cannot continue there much longer due to unbearable conditions.)

North America is in serious need of priests with the missionary spirit of this Priest.

His family is long-known to NCCL from its work among Eastern Christians.

Please, in your charity, be generous to Father. To start, please pray for him.

Then, please contact the Executive Director if you have an idea which could lead to identify a bishop (Eastern or Western) who might be disposed to accept a missionary in his diocese. 610/435-2634


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