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Cry for joy over St. Lawrence’s Tears this season

perseid_meteor_and_milky_way_in_2009Looking east after midnight this month will reveal natural marvels to those who, wisely, still follow the Orientale Lumen, The Light of the East – Christ-God.

One need only see a shooting star to recall the greatness of The Lord of Creation.

Click the link for an explanation of the Perseids meteor shower, which Catholics have long called the “tears of St. Lawrence” since they begin their peak activity on his feast (celebrated East & West) every year, August 10.

By the way, the author has seen a remarkable example of the subject meteor shower this week at approx. 00:10 EDT Monday, August 12, when a bright meteor appeared suddenly out of the dense cloud cover then above Fullerton (and Allentown), Pennsylvania.

The observed meteor fell out of the clouds from the west, almost parallel to the horizon, arcing ever so slightly due-east from the point of observation. It glowed bright green, orange and yellow for but a couple blinks of the eye, leaving a faint trail of smoke in its path.

No cameras were rolling at the time. But the image is deeply impressed on the observer, and will (it is hoped) leave an indelible memory to remind to venerate the (real) tears of St. Lawrence, which he shed, after all, for something far more important even than indelible memories.

Indeed, for eternal memories.

Make old memories new. Make pilgrimage this season. Join the Romans who have made the Pilgrimage for Restoration now for 17 years (in 2013), and counting.

On eternity.

Archdeacon Lawrence before the Emperor Valerianus

Archdeacon Lawrence before the Emperor Valerianus


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