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A call to heaven for a sip of water

ethiopian_girl_takes_water_from_puddle_3-2014Luckily there was someone listening on a ‘party-line’ when the call was made.

The following heart-wrenching, urgent appeal was e-mailed today by a Priest-friend from the mountainous Irob region of northwestern Ethiopia, one of the missionaries who offer holy Masses when requested by NCCL benefactors.

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Prayer
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014
From: Rev Fr Debessay Eyassu
To: Gregory Lloyd – NCCL Executive Director

Mr Greg,

Thank you very much from depth of my heart for being on [at] my side, [let us] pray for its continuity [continuation].

Dear brother, as you know unfortunate[ly] we are living in the zone in need of persons and organizations that can prayer for our survival and offer their graces.

I am writing this letter for the emergency of urgent help for six months from March 2014-August 2014 for:

1. water for dying people and cattles

2. food – nothing grows in heat

3. school for children

Am inviting you: whoever gives one of these little ones a cup of cold water will receive reward in heaven. Luke 21:1-4.

Please can you to help poor villagers of Awo, who die of thirst now?

God bless you.

Abba Eyassu [Joshua]

Look for more news as we investigate.

Meanwhile, please pray.


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