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Update: rounding up the needed partners


Pending a report to help assess the situation in the Irob region of Tigray, Ethiopia stricken with severe drought, NCCL Directors have conferred and now intend to partner with other charities and local authorities in order to drill at least one well in the village of Awo, home of the parishioners of St. Michael Archangel Parish.

A recent report from a Priest of the region tells that there are four other villages near his native Awo which are also in desperate need of water due to prolonged drought conditions.

Until recently there were 10 wells, two each, in the five villages. These are reduced to one well still producing water, in the village of Awo. Now the villagers from the four other villages walk, sometimes 16 and more hours, to take water from the sole well.

Plans & news of accomplishments are to appear on this blog as they develop. Stay tuned.



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