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Reply of the Bishop

The positive and informative reply of His Excellency, Bishop Tesfassilassie of Adigrat (Ethiopia) has spurred NCCL to investigate a number of options, as well as to research the access afforded by roads to the villages most in need.

We beg your generous support of this project, in addition to NCCL’s numerous other initiatives.

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(Mark gifts “Project Irob-Water” when contributing to the project to drill for or otherwise supply water to the Irob people of Ethiopia.)

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Re: inquiry – calls for help to drill wells to provide fresh water to villagers in Irob Woreda
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2014 22:34:30 +0300
From: Abune Tesfaselassie Medhin – Eparch [Bishop] of Adigrat
To: Gregory Lloyd
CC: adcs@ethionet.et, Sebhatu Seyoum, Hagos Tessema

Dear Gregory P. Lloyd
Executive Director
National Coalition of Clergy and Laity
621 Jordan Circle, Whitehall PA 18052-7119

The grace and peace of Christ be with you, and with all the members of your esteemed Coalition members.

Thank you very much for your letter of March 31, 2014 and for your sensitivity and for your noble interest to help our people in need of water. I am also grateful to those members of the Irob community who care and brought such dire need for water to your Coalition.

It is encouraging to hear from such concerned individuals and associations such as yours who are so kind and willing to support our needy people.

Perhaps your contacts like Assefa have to realize and inform you on the nature of the terraines about which they have mentioned as I read in your letter. These mentioned locations are really inaccessible by the drilling rig units to drill wells and I would advice them and you to consider surface water harvesting (cisterns) or if you are interested to go only for drilling drilling the first task must be rig vehicle access-road construction to reach those places like Adaga, Alogade, Mashafta, etc. for some other basic services as well. When mentioning these places, in case they may not have enough information about the surface water harvesting technology, it is good if we explain them that water points like household ponds, communal pond, cisterns, rock catchments and springs, are some of the potential sources of surface water, on which we do work for years. If there is possibility of getting financial resource support, there is already good structure, experience and practice by our social-development office (ADCS). In accessibile places it is possible to drill wells, and your Coalition can support our already exisiting water projects for drilling and other possible means of availing water for the communities in such need areas according to the possibility of funds and accessibility with roads.

Regarding the names of charitable organization you ask us – I can only know those organizations who are our longstanding partners for years and still working with us such as CRS, Misereor, Caritas Swiss, Cafod-Trocaire, some other private groups who have been assisting us for water programs, and CNEWA in the line of education.

For you, I would suggest perhaps you could contact the Charity Water organization which has a substantial capacity in the area of water, but we do not have any partnership contact or program with them.

I hope this reply will be informative to you, and I remain wishing you and your Coalition a Grace-full Holy Week and Blessed Easter,

Sincerely yours in Christ,
+ Abune Tesfaselassie Medhin
(Eparch of Adigrat)

—– Original Message —–
From: Gregory Lloyd
To: Most Rev Abune Tesfasselassie Medhin – Catholic Eparch of Adigrat ETHIOPIA
Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2014 8:36 AM
Subject: inquiry – calls for help to drill wells to provide fresh water to villagers in Irob Woreda

Most Rev. Abune Tesfasselassie Medhin
Catholic Eparch of Adigrat
P. O. Box 8 – Adigrat

Your Excellency,

please be so good as to accept the attached letter with my sincere, humble respect for your paternal love of the faithful of Adigrat, especially those in most need of mercy during the drought in Irob land.

We have learned of the need to drill wells in Irob from fellow Catholics in Ethiopia and in America. For some years the small apostolate which I help to direct has modestly assisted priest-missionaries in Ethiopia with Mass stipends. For a time, we had also collaborated with the charity IRROB.org, to bring educational and humanitarian relief to the Irob people. One of our more recent projects has been to arrange a kidney transplant in Washington D.C. for a young man from Irob, Assefa Hailu Baraki, grandson of Mrs. Hagosa Woldegiorgis of Alitena, 101 year-old Matriarch of the Baraki Family.

Now healthy (thanks be to God), Assefa is assisting us in the current project. Confer, e.g., . Assefa has also asked Mama Hagosa to pray for the success of the project.

We eagerly await your reply to the attached letter.

Sincerely & respectfully in Christ,
Gregory Lloyd

610/435-2634 tel-work
484/201-3852 cellular


Gregory P. Lloyd, M.A.
Executive Director

National Coalition of Clergy & Laity
621 Jordan Circle
Whitehall, PA 18052-7119 USA



“Pray, hope, and don’t worry.” St. Padre Pio

In your charity, please click here to donate.

(Mark gifts “Project Irob-Water” when contributing to the project to drill for or otherwise supply water to the Irob people of Ethiopia.)


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