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Update: no more crying in pain. Silence now. But a sign of something worse.

Moments ago, at 3:40pm EDT, Father Eyassu Kahsay phoned with an update of his sister’s worsening condition.

Mrs. Desta Kahsay Gebru has slipped into a coma. The head trauma she suffered (as reported in the post of June 18, below) was evidently worse than her brother-Priest was then informed, or than those on site were able to determine without sufficient medical observation.

In any event, the surprise news underscores the urgency to help provide medical treatment for Desta before it is too late to expect recovery.

And all she needs, we estimate, is $764 to pay the doctors and clinic for three months of medical treatment — which if she doesn’t get, she is sure to be crippled in hand and foot the rest of her life. Or worse, depending on the cause of the coma.

Imagine the sorrows now experienced by her young sons, to see their Mother suffer and slip away, helpless to provide even the simplest medical care for her.

And their fear. For who will care for them if mother dies? Or, if she comes out of coma, how will she care for them with a withered hand and a crippled foot?

Please help NCCL care for Desta and countless other of Irob’s Catholics in urgent need. These Ethiopian Catholics are rich in faith even as they are poor materially.

And we know this to be true. We know the very persons, by name, whom your generosity helps, because our Directors know personally, for years, the faithful clergy, religious and families in & from the region (northwest Ethiopia) where your charity is most needed.

And we vouch for their testimony as true. We’ve seen, face-to-face, the good your charity yields.

Donate online by clicking here. Or mail your check, ear-marked “Desta Kahsay – medical treatment” payable to NCCL – 621 Jordan Cir, Whitehall PA 18052-7119 USA.

In your charity, please PRAY for Desta’s complete, speedy recovery.


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