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Thanks to you, she can help them now: for example, to learn to help themselves.

Education is a valuable thing. One of those facts which one can begin to appreciate especially in its absence, and the desperate circumstances that follow.

Sr Bisirat Misgina, a Sister of the Daughters of Charity of St. V.incent de Paul in Ethiopia, can now help the youths for whom she cares. Thanks to your generosity.

Thanks to the generous charity of NCCL benefactors, we are able to send to the Daughters $250 this month, with more to follow, please God, as soon as the Coalition’s principals ask benefactors to help some more.

Here follows the text (gently edited) which she sent last week, begging the charity of NCCL’s benefactors to come to the aid of youths in need just one of the many needy missions Sister Bisirat directs together with her courageous Community of “Angels of Mercy”.

Subject: your charity
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2015 11:47:46 +0000 (UTC)
From: Rev. Sr. Bisirat Misgina D.C.
To: Gregory P Lloyd, NCCL

Dear Gregory Lloyd,

Thank you so much for constant concern to all the need of the poor ones in Alitena [in the Diocese of Adigrat]. There are a lot of needs to take care of. I hope Sr. Meaza [the superior in another mission, in Alitena] will communicate to you accordingly.

Please, I will like to share with you, if you can help, because in this place in my present mission their is a need of building of one bigger room for kindergarteners, to teach children who are very poor. We have about the projects something written and I can send to you if you will to help those kind of needs.

Also when I was in Alitena I was still helping very poor students in work-school training, like driving and woodwork, etc. These I use to help from small donations which come from the community. They are about 85 youngsters, already employed, helping themselves with bright future. If God wills, I like to continue this mission, also from my mission far away. At the present I have ten of them in Adigrat and surrounding towns but I have no fund at all.

PS. The kindergarten one room building project I can send you explanation after your response.

With Prayers,
Sr.Bisrat Misgena DC

You, too, can participate not only in the good works of mercy, but gain a share in the merits of this charity by contributing. No amount is too small, or too big, to aid the souls and bodies of the least of the brethren, your fellow Catholics in Ethiopia.


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