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Priest’s Mother dying – for want of antibiotics

Can you pitch in to help, for the love of Christ?

And one of his Priests?

For his dying Mother?

Click here to read Father’s desperate appeal here for simple medical treatments and antibiotics to spare her earthly life.

Donate by clicking here.

Please, in your charity, help Fr. Eyassu’s Mother, Mrs. Adoni Hailu Gebrey, age 65, who is seriously ill and dying.

Father comes from the same region of western Ethiopia as the Daughters of Charity (as reported more here).

Father Eyassu has long generously offered holy Mass for the intentions of supporters of the NCCL apostolate. He has been also a close, brave collaborator of the Sisters, even and especially through the recent wars and continuous strife in Irob, on the border with Eritrea.


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