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Appeal for medical treatment for a young Ethiopian woman in the Irob region

A Priest-collaborator from Ethiopia’s poorest region, Irob, has asked this humble apostolate to do, with God’s help, what it can to relieve the suffering of young Hiwot Tgiorgis, a native of Irob: the region in northern Ethiopia hardest-hit by war, drought, and famine — now for decades.

(Irob is also one of a few densely Catholic regions in the country. It’s hierarchy traces back to the 4th century, thanks to St. Athanasius the Great of Alexandria. The Catholic Eparchy [diocese] of Adigrat, which includes the Irob region, remains an Eastern rite church to this day.)

Hiwot, aged 18, is a Catholic girl. She suffers since birth from Hirschsprung’s Disease, an uncommon and very nasty malady which a pediatrician & supporter from Ohio has described for laymen in a document posted here.

Please pray for Hiwot, and this project to help her: that, thanks to the charity of Christians like you and the care of generous medical doctors, she might be spared a life of agonizing misery.

By the way, please also pray for peace. Only this month the Ethiopian government declared martial law to contain recent outbursts of terror, worst in the center of the country. (The terrorists are most likely sponsored by foreign governments and/or organizations.) How she will receive need medical care under the current conditions is only the first of many — probably greater — obstacles facing Hiwot and this project.

Those wishing more information, or offering help, may write to the Executive Director.

Donations for this and other projects of the NCCL apostolate are much-needed and gratefully accepted online by clicking here, or via mail payable to “NCCL” at 621 Jordan Circle, Whitehall PA 18052.


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