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The news she’s been waiting for – 19 years.

Thanks to the prayers & sacrifices of many, today the Charity Services Coordinator at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio telephoned the NCCL office to inform that their Board has approved the requested surgery & care for a poor, sick Catholic girl in remote northern Ethiopia.

Thanks be to God!

The NCCL apostolate has been advocating for the Girl and working for this decision pro bono for nearly a year. (Read more here.)

Please God, Hiwot T’Giorgis Yohannes of Irob will survive until 2018, the earliest the hospital can receive her. Hiwot, now 19, suffers miserably in dire need of specialized bowel surgery to correct the condition, called Hirschpsrung’s Disease, afflicting her since birth.

Now the work must be geared into over-drive — The Good Lord further willing. For example,

Hiwot needs to eat well, and have clean water to drink, to improve her health.

She also requires ongoing medical care, while waiting, in order to manage her critical condition, and to survive.

The nearest hospital able to treat her is in Mekele, 100 miles from the region’s main city of Adigrat, where Hiwot currently resides — in the Irob region of Tigray province.

God willing, the good Daughters of Charity in Adigrat will also continue to be of aid to the poor Girl at their clinic.

Then, there is the medical visa to procure from the U.S. Consulate in Addis Ababa — a mere 850 miles distant.

And the list goes on …

Please give earnest consideration of what you will do, in charity, to help Hiwot survive and arrive at hospital in Columbus next year.

Please also donate to support the NCCL apostolate’s continuing contributions to her health-care, legal permissions, travels & surgery.

Give online by PayPal, with or without an account, at http://www.national-coalition.org/#gift .

Or mail your gift payable to “NCCL” – 621 Jordan Cir, Whitehall PA 18052-7119.

Every gift, large or small, goes a long way to help Hiwot and fellow-Catholics like her around the globe.

Christ is risen!
Khrystos voskres!
Christus resurrexit!
Xristos anesti!


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