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Christ is risen! And released the captive Ethiopian Girl!

Christ is risen!

This morning, against all odds and amidst universal pandemic, and an Embassy in Addis Ababa closed for that reason, God in his providence arranged events for a little farm girl from a remote village in northern Ethiopia to obtain, on the spot, a visa from the U.S. Consul General there.

The story is too miraculous to do it justice in a short post, so it will have to wait until later.

But Hiwot Tesfagiorgis is ready to board the plane — yes, in the midst of a pandemic: when most of the baptized are afraid to walk across the street and are being told to stay home, a Little Girl braves all, in obedience to God’s providence, ready to cross continents, oceans, and international boundaries to be saved, to be made-well and whole.

For now, it is only necessary to sing Te Deum in thanks to God for obtaining this answer to years of prayers & cooperation with his holy Will. For only God can accomplish such wonders, so evidently impossible to men.

Non nobis, Domine! Sed tua da gloriam!


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