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What if your Mother were trapped abroad, in the kind of limbo of Zaid’s ordeal in Israel?

Read these lines and weep.

But don’t ‘waste’ your tears. Use them to appeal to Christ to deal mercifully with Zaid, to grant her heart’s desire to be reunited with her young daughters.

Be sure also to read, farther below, the letter from NCCL’s Executive Director to an NGO in Israel, seeking relief for Zaid.

TO: Bar Elkin

FROM: Gregory Lloyd

SUBJECT: requested account of ordeals of Mrs. Zaid Negusse Kahsai leading her to appeal to the UNHCR for refugee status, and to resettle in the USA

Bar Elkin
Jerusalem African Community Center
33 Jaffa Street
Jerusalem 9422109

Good day, dear Bar.

Thank you for writing to me yesterday via WhatsApp, and especially for the help you offer to Zaid Negusse Kahsai to communicate her appeal to the UNHCR in Israel, to declare her a refugee, eligible for resettlement, so that she can be re-united with her daughter, Hiwot,who is now living in Columbus, Ohio USA.

Please find attached the first document which I have promised to send to you, as requested: it being an account Zaid has told me and others of the personal ordeals that led her first to flee her homeland, Irob, to seek refuge in Israel, and now to appeal for resettlement in the United States.

I apologize for not sending it, as promised, last evening.  It was first necessary to re-corroborate some facts with Zaid.

I shall be in touch with you to clarify which other documents (about Hiwot etc.) that you indicated will be required to advance Zaid’s appeal to the UNHCR.

Meanwhile, would you please be so good as to reply to let me know you have received this e-mail and its attachment?

And, of course, feel free — and please do not hesitate — to pose questions.

Thank you in advance, and for all your good help to the African community in Israel, to Zaid in particular.

Peace and all good to you, Bar Elkin.

Gregory Lloyd


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