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On the 125th anniversary of his birth

photo_patriarch_josyf_slipyjIt is with profoundest sentiments & sympathy of communion with this great patriarch & prophet of the 20th century that we re-post, today, on the 125th anniversary of (more…)

A report … to make you weep in pity.

ethiopians_line_up_for_water_3-2014For the love of Christ-God and the least of his brethren, dying of thirst, will you help the poor, suffering natives of Irob county by helping to dig a well or two for them? (more…)

Update: rounding up the needed partners


Pending a report to help assess the situation in the Irob region of Tigray, Ethiopia stricken with severe drought, NCCL Directors have conferred and now intend to partner with other charities and local authorities in order to drill at least (more…)

“Good God, all they need is for someone to help dig a well.”

ethiopian_villagers_queue_to_take_water_from_well_in_draught_3-2014The words captioned above were uttered today in a prayer full of tears for the poor villagers of Awo in the Irob county of northwestern Ethiopia, suffering from prolonged, severe drought. (more…)

Cry for joy over St. Lawrence’s Tears this season

perseid_meteor_and_milky_way_in_2009Looking east after midnight this month will reveal natural marvels to those who, wisely, still follow the Orientale Lumen, The Light of the East – Christ-God.

One need only see a shooting star to recall the greatness of The Lord of Creation. (more…)

Unexpected visit to hospital

Assefa Baraki has developed an infection, and had to be admitted to Inova Hospital in Northern Virginia for emergency care.

Read about the incident on the Baraki Family blog.

The costs of the stay are anticipated to be great. We beg your charity to help defray them. Please give at NCCL’s homepage, http://national-coalition.org#gift.

Mark your gift, “Assefa’s care”, or “Looking East”.

They’re here

The Brothers-Baraki, Assefa & Robel, have landed this morning at Washington, D.C.’s Dulles International Airport, and were whisked (more…)