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“Do nothing without the bishop.” St. Ignatius of Antioch

Read below NCCL’s e-mail & letter to the Eparch of Adigrat, Ethiopia, asking him to bless and guide NCCL forward in the project to dig wells in the Irob region of his eparchy — the Eastern Catholic name for a “diocese”. (more…)

A report … to make you weep in pity.

ethiopians_line_up_for_water_3-2014For the love of Christ-God and the least of his brethren, dying of thirst, will you help the poor, suffering natives of Irob county by helping to dig a well or two for them? (more…)


“Good God, all they need is for someone to help dig a well.”

ethiopian_villagers_queue_to_take_water_from_well_in_draught_3-2014The words captioned above were uttered today in a prayer full of tears for the poor villagers of Awo in the Irob county of northwestern Ethiopia, suffering from prolonged, severe drought. (more…)

A call to heaven for a sip of water

ethiopian_girl_takes_water_from_puddle_3-2014Luckily there was someone listening on a ‘party-line’ when the call was made.

The following heart-wrenching, urgent appeal was e-mailed today by a Priest-friend from the mountainous Irob region of (more…)

They’re thriving, thanks be to God – and your charity

In multiple conversations by Skype since the surgery, patient Assefa & his courageous brother Robel have asked that the Executive Director please to greet in Christ and thank all the many benefactors of the NCCL apostolate for (more…)

NCCL owes them for their charity

In the good name of the Salesians of Addis Ababa, Brother Cesare Bullo, S.D.B. has advanced NCCL the equivalent (more…)

You’re invited

Dear Friend,

Join us September 21 for a supper of laughs and dancing to celebrate something totally amazing we can all feel great about.

And contribute to saving a young person’s life. (more…)

Have travel visas ever been granted so quickly?

Vice Consul Sebastian J. Gregg from the U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia informs (more…)

Helping to get the patients flying

As the encouraging e-correspondence copied below indicates, (more…)

Helping to get the patients going

With a generous donation of $500, another loving benefactor of Assefa and his brother, Robel, has covered the application fees payable to the U.S. Consulate for visas (and then some) for the two young Ethiopian patients.