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Helping to get the patients going

With a generous donation of $500, another loving benefactor of Assefa and his brother, Robel, has covered the application fees payable to the U.S. Consulate for visas (and then some) for the two young Ethiopian patients.

No greater love

Robel Hailu Baraki is laying his life down for his brother Assefa.


When it rains, it pours … paperwork!

Among the several letters of support required by the U.S. Consul to issue visas to Assefa & Robel, two of the most outstanding come from the physicians & staff who have donated their professional skills & compassionate care to our young friends. (more…)

Word is getting around

For Assefa & his brother Robel seek to obtain the necessary visas to receive medical treatment in the U.S., a few letters of support must be sent to the U.S. Consulate in Addis Ababa as part of the application process. Executive Director Greg Lloyd outlines the work & responsibility of the National Coalition on Assefa’s behalf in the letter which appears below.

Click here to see the letter. in .pdf.    (An image of the same in .jpg format appears below.) (more…)

Update: transplant ready, visa pending, your charity needed

Among NCCL’s several current projects (more…)

God’s will being done on earth, quite as it is in heaven

And it is marvelous to behold.

Look who’s smiling now.

Thanks to the prayers of children — in The Baraki and Lloyd Families, and their Little Friends — of several convents of Carmelite nuns, and not a few other devout souls, read (below) the astonishing things God has done in recent months to prepare for the long-needed kidney transplant for Assefa Baraki, our 22 year-old adopted Ethiopia brother [pictured here] who suffered double-kidney failure in October 2010 while fleeing his war-torn, native home.


Your brother’s keepers

It is thanks to your charity that continued dialysis keeps our adopted brother in Christ, Assefa, alive until the hoped-for transplant at Georgetown University Hospital.

Yesterday, NCCL has transferred (more…)