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Spiritual Testament of His Beatitude Josyf (Slipyj), Patriarch of Kyiv–Halych and All Rus’

Republished herewith for the first time online in English, on the feast of St. Elias the Great Prophet, in humble commemoration of the 120th anniversary of the birth of a great prophet of the 20th century, Patriarch Josyf (Slipyj) [b. 17. ii. 1892 – d. 7. ix. 1984], is His Beatitude’s Spiritual Testament.

Click on this link: Spiritual Testament of His Beatitude Josyf (Slipyj), Patriarch of Kyiv-Halych and All Rus’.

Except as noted (below) the text of the Spiritual Testament which appears here is the same as that printed in 1984 by the St. Sophia Religious Association of Ukrainian Catholics in Canada, being a translation of Rev. Fr. Myroslaw Tataryn, under the title Spiritual Testament of His Beatitude, Patriarch Josyf of Kyiv–Halych and All Rus’.

Except for slight modifications of formatting and several obvious typographical or other minor grammatical errors which have been corrected, the text here published remains the same as the above-noted 1984 printed edition (ISBN 0-9691657-1-4).

In order more faithfully to convey the meaning His Beatitude gave to his testament when citing from Sacred Scripture, a planned re-publication online will substitute the scriptural phrases & passages quoted in the 1984, printed English edition (which used The New American Bible, St. Joseph’s Edition) with the corresponding phrases & passages of the Douay Rheims Catholic Bible found online here.

[Editor’s note: the Testament containing the scriptural texts taken from the Douay Rheims edition in English appears embedded in this blog post — and finally in this .pdf document. April 23, 2013]

Sincere thanks to the following graduate & undergraduate students of La Salle University or/and Thomas More College of Liberal Arts for their generous contributions of transcribing and proof-reading of the Testament.

Yurko Didula
Augustine Kamprath
Antoine Buffin de Chosal
Mary Grace Lloyd

Straight to the Embassy

Preparations for Asefa’s journey continues, beginning as many things do with plenty of paperwork.

Subject: question of when and manner to present required supporting documentation of non-immigrant visa application for purpose of medial treatment

Update: transplant ready, visa pending, your charity needed

Among NCCL’s several current projects (more…)

God’s will being done on earth, quite as it is in heaven

And it is marvelous to behold.

Look who’s smiling now.

Thanks to the prayers of children — in The Baraki and Lloyd Families, and their Little Friends — of several convents of Carmelite nuns, and not a few other devout souls, read (below) the astonishing things God has done in recent months to prepare for the long-needed kidney transplant for Assefa Baraki, our 22 year-old adopted Ethiopia brother [pictured here] who suffered double-kidney failure in October 2010 while fleeing his war-torn, native home.


Your brother’s keepers

It is thanks to your charity that continued dialysis keeps our adopted brother in Christ, Assefa, alive until the hoped-for transplant at Georgetown University Hospital.

Yesterday, NCCL has transferred (more…)

Abba Abraha writes about new Prefecture, hoped-for visit to US, and nephew Asefa’s transplant

It’s an e-mail chock full of news. This Catholic missionary is praying for you! The charity of your prayers is seriously needed. (more…)

Cooperation with Salesians in Ethiopia continues, sparing young Ethiopian’s life in preparation for kidney transplant

There is more good news told on the Baraki Family Blogger, summarized here below. (more…)

Holy See recognizes growth of Mission at Robe-Bale, and update on Asefa’s transplant

There is some very good news. (more…)

Patriarch Josyf Slipij and the Third Rome of Kievan-Rus’

No doubt in part to avoid the expected, senseless objections of the Roman Curia, in 1908 St. Pope Pius X conferred in private audience to Metropolitan Andrij Sheptytskij (more…)

Commemorating Patriarch Josyf Slipij on the 120th anniversary of his life

This bodes to be a good one.