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They want to keep their children safe, and need our help.

Imagine living in a neighborhood where your child’s well-being was in constant peril – by wild (more…)


The news she’s been waiting for – 19 years.

Thanks to the prayers & sacrifices of many, today the Charity Services Coordinator at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio telephoned the NCCL office to inform that their Board has approved the requested (more…)

Eternal memory!

Mama Hagosa Baraki, most venerable & much-beloved Matriarch of The Baraki Family of Irob, Ethiopia, has (more…)

As their suffering grows, does your compassion also?

The National Coalition of Clergy and Laity transfers funds, provided by generous donors like you, for Assefa’s dialysis. But even as we support Assefa, the suffering in Ethiopia is growing. (more…)