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The economy of grace, and mercy

Once again NCCL’s missionary friend, Father Abraha Baraki sends his thanks and his prayers from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, together with a report (more…)

Your intentions remembered, even in far away Ethiopia

Fr. Baraki lets you know, in the following email, that he is grateful for your charity, and remembers all of his – and NCCL’s – benefactors at (more…)

Missionary in Ethiopia offers Masses for those who donated, and sends a special message

Christ is risen!

The Rev. Abba (Father) Abraha Baraki of the Apostolic Prefecture of Robe-Bale in southeastern Ethiopia sends a report (more…)

Grace is flowing from the altar of missionairies in Ethiopia – thanks to you

In an exchange between NCCL’s Executive Director and Abba Abraha Baraki, of the Apostolic Prefecture of Robe-Bale, Father Abraha gives a detailed account of the most (more…)

Abba Abraha writes about new Prefecture, hoped-for visit to US, and nephew Asefa’s transplant

It’s an e-mail chock full of news. This Catholic missionary is praying for you! The charity of your prayers is seriously needed. (more…)

Holy See recognizes growth of Mission at Robe-Bale, and update on Asefa’s transplant

There is some very good news. (more…)