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“Good God, all they need is for someone to help dig a well.”

ethiopian_villagers_queue_to_take_water_from_well_in_draught_3-2014The words captioned above were uttered today in a prayer full of tears for the poor villagers of Awo in the Irob county of northwestern Ethiopia, suffering from prolonged, severe drought. (more…)


The economy of grace, and mercy

Once again NCCL’s missionary friend, Father Abraha Baraki sends his thanks and his prayers from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, together with a report (more…)

Your intentions remembered, even in far away Ethiopia

Fr. Baraki lets you know, in the following email, that he is grateful for your charity, and remembers all of his – and NCCL’s – benefactors at (more…)

Missionary in Ethiopia offers Masses for those who donated, and sends a special message

Christ is risen!

The Rev. Abba (Father) Abraha Baraki of the Apostolic Prefecture of Robe-Bale in southeastern Ethiopia sends a report (more…)

Another record of your charity and its accomplishments

receipt_envelope_Bro_Cesare_3-8-2013 Brother Cesare Bullo, the bursar for the Salesians of St. John Bosco in Addis Ababa, has provided NCCL with (more…)

God grant her many blessed years to come!

With great joy on the occasion of her 100th birthday, we thank God for, and offer our most cordial greetings in Him to, Mama Hagosa Baraki of Irob, Ethopia.


We ask also the charity of your prayers to God in thanksgiving for Mama Hagosa Baraki, the mother of two Priest-sons, Abbas Abraha & Tesfamariam, of ten other children (including multiple Religious daughters), and numerous grandchildren & great-grandchildren.

Those priests are among the missionaries who offer the holy Mass for the benefactors and friends of the NCCL apostolate in Operation Mission Stipends.

Mama Hagosa is also the grandmother of the young Baraki Brothers whom your charity has brought to the United States for the successful kidney transplant that spared the life of Assefa Hailu Baraki. (See other posts on this blog.) (more…)

Grace is flowing from the altar of missionairies in Ethiopia – thanks to you

In an exchange between NCCL’s Executive Director and Abba Abraha Baraki, of the Apostolic Prefecture of Robe-Bale, Father Abraha gives a detailed account of the most (more…)

They’re thriving, thanks be to God – and your charity

In multiple conversations by Skype since the surgery, patient Assefa & his courageous brother Robel have asked that the Executive Director please to greet in Christ and thank all the many benefactors of the NCCL apostolate for (more…)

Keeping abreast of developments

Benefactors, friends & those interested are encouraged to follow developments for Assefa & Robel, as family, friends & Georgetown University Hospital prepare the Baraki-Brothers for kidney transplant surgery sometime next month.

See the Baraki Family blog for updates.

They’re in the air

The Baraki Brothers departed Addis Ababa via Ethiopian Airlines flight no. 500 this evening at 22:15 hrs, local time (theirs).

Assefa & Robel [pictured here] are scheduled to transfer in Rome, arriving at 03:25, Central European time.