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On the 125th anniversary of his birth

photo_patriarch_josyf_slipyjIt is with profoundest sentiments & sympathy of communion with this great patriarch & prophet of the 20th century that we re-post, today, on the 125th anniversary of (more…)


Patriarch Josyf Slipij and the Third Rome of Kievan-Rus’

No doubt in part to avoid the expected, senseless objections of the Roman Curia, in 1908 St. Pope Pius X conferred in private audience to Metropolitan Andrij Sheptytskij (more…)

Second reply of Bishop Michael Hrynchyshyn, C.S.s.R.

In this reply, the Exarch gives his opinion of the duration of the faculties. (more…)

Second letter to Exarch Michael Hrynchyshyn, C.S.s.R. requesting clarifications of documents

This second letter asks (more…)

English translations of ‘secret’ faculties given to Archbishop Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky by Pope Pius X

The following translations of Pope Pius X’s provide documented recognition of Archbishop Andrey Sheptytsky’s universal patriarchal jurisdiction in the Catholic Church of Kievan-Rus (commonly called the Ukrainian Catholic Church). (more…)

Texts of faculties granted in February 1908 by Pope St. Pius X to the Servant of God, Metropolitan Archbishop Andrij Sheptytsky

The following are verbatim transcriptions of the photocopied documents received from His Excellency, Bishop Michael Hrynchyshyn, C.S.s.R., (Kievan Catholic) Exarch of France. The photocopied documents accompanied his letter dated May 6, 2004, a scan of which can be seen by clicking here. (more…)

Scanned copy of sealed and autographed document no. VIII, among the faculties granted by Pope St. Pius X to Metropolitan Andrij Sheptytsky

Here below appears a thum-nail image of the scanned copy of document no. VIII, bearing the seal and autograph of Metropolitan Andrij Sheptytsky, authenticating the document as corresponding to the original. (more…)

Bishop Michael Hrynchyshyn, C.S.s.R., Ukrainian Catholic Exarch of France & Postulator of Archbishop Andrij Sheptytsky’s cause of canonization writes

In response to an inquiry from NCCL’s Executive Director, Bishop Michael explains the faculties granted to Archbishop Andrij Sheptytsky by Pope Pius X in February, 1908. (more…)

Letter to Bishop Michael Hrynchyshyn, Exarch of France, requesting information about St. Pope Pius X’s then-secret faculties conferred on Archbishop Andrij Sheptytskij of Kiev-Halych

NCCL Executive Director faxed the following letter (more…)