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Holy See recognizes growth of Mission at Robe-Bale, and update on Asefa’s transplant

There is some very good news.

First, the extensive parish-mission led by Abba (Father) Abraha Baraki at Robe-Bale, Ethiopia, which NCCL’s donors have supported for years with Operation Mission Stipends, has been elevated by the Holy See to the rank of “Apostolic Prefecture”.

That’s a significant step on the way to the mission eventually developing sufficiently to be named a diocese! (Read what it means in general, here.)

More good news is that NCCL has approximately $4,000 in mission (Mass) stipends on hand to distribute to the new Apostolic Prefecture this month, thanks to the Good God Who continues to move the hearts of NCCL donors to charity.

There’s also very good news about the hoped-for kidney transplant for the Ethiopian lad, Assefa Hailu Baraki, whom NCCL has ‘adopted’. Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C., has agreed to make preparations to care for Asefa pro bono.

Deo gratias!

These developments do not, however, come without new ‘challenges’ of their own, as the following e-mail exchange with Abba Abraha Baraki outlines.

From: Father Abraha Baraki
To: Gregory Lloyd
Subject: Thanks & Congratulations
Date: Mon Feb 27, 2012

Dear Mr. Gregory P Lloyd,

I want to tell you of the honor bestowed upon my Parish. My parish at Robe-Bale was announced on February 14, 2012 as Apostolic Prefecture by Vatican radio to the world, spread across the internet in every site. The Apostolic Prefect appointed is one Italian Capuchin father. I am very happy to see this church development.
Otherwise, how is Asefa’s transplantation program going? We are
praying for success in your efforts. Which stage have you reached?
I remember you and all your family and our charitable kind people. I
hope you are with me in your holy prayers.
God bless you all yours by His Grace.
Yours faithfully,
Abba Abraha Baraki

Subject: Re: Thanks & congratulations — [Mission at Robe-Bale elevated to Apostolic Prefecture]
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2012
From: Gregory P Lloyd
Organization: NCCL
To: Rev Fr Abraha Baraki

Reverend and dear Abba Abraha,

permit me to join with you in rejoicing over the blessed development for the Church at Robe. Thanks be to God for all the grace he has given to you, to build up His kingdom in your generous mission to souls!

Deo gratias!

I am glad to learn that a Capuchin has been named Prefect — because that Order’s men are typically very fervent, and often sound. (But I do wonder why you were not named Prefect. Oh well, God’s will be done.)

There is a little bit of good news to share with you, which allows me to congratulate you appropriately. There are about $4,000 in Mass stipends which benefactors have given to NCCL’s Operation Mission Stipends. I would like soon to transfer the stipends to you, in accordance with our last exchange of e-mails (December 29, and January 11-12) in which you said that an assistant Priest could help you to celebrate some of the Liturgies we request.

To your question of the stage of plans for Asefa’s transplantation, there is good news and not-so-good news.

The good news is that the doctors and staff of Georgetown University Hospital are making plans to bring Asefa to Washington, D.C. The final decisions will come from the Board, but meanwhile the doctors have said they wish to perform the transplant pro bono. That is very good news indeed, and we thank God for this blessed development.

However, I am concerned about something, which I call the “bad news”. A big condition which the Georgetown University Hospital places on the surgery is that there will be enough money on hand to pay for the after-surgery medical treatments — which they call “immuno-therapy” and medications.

NCCL and Father Tesfamariam and our friends have not yet received enough gifts to pay for the first year of immuno-therapy (medicines & treatments) after the surgery. The amount needed is approximately $40,000. NCCL will have less than $4,000 after NCCL pays for the preliminary tests next week.

We must pray and work, dear Father. I must rely on the prayers of your good parishioners. The Lloyd Children are praying, and we ask others to pray as well.

Asking your sacred Blessing.

In Christ the King,


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