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The wise are weighing in

American physicians Dr. Michael J. Mangan of Tallahassee and Dr. Kenneth Kornetsky of Manassas weigh in with their expertise, assisting the doctors in Ethiopia who are presently caring for Assefa, all in preparation for his kidney transplant.

Subject: Re: kidney patient report — [Assefa Hailu Baraki, patient-recipient; Robiel Hailu Baraki, donor]
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 16:40:33 -0400
From: Gregory P Lloyd
Organization: NCCL
To: Akeza Teame MD – Medical Director, St. Yared Hospital, Addis Ababa ETHIOPIA
CC: Dr Mignot Belay – Director, Kidney Center St Yared Hospital; Patrick Elms – NCCL Coordinator of International Missions; Rev Fr Tesfamariam Baraki; Rev Father Abraha Baraki

Esteemed and dear Dr. Teame,

please accept my thanks, though much belated, for the e-mails of July 21, as well as for today’s, copied below.

I ask Dr. Mignot also to accept my sincere thanks for her continued excellent care of Assefa and Robiel, and for her very helpful communications.

I beg your pardon – both of you – for the delay in writing. Please do not suppose, however, that I or my colleagues – and Assefa’s family – have been idle.

On the contrary. Thanks to your helpful communications since July 17, we have been making preparations of our own.

Among other things, we have facilitated communications with Dr. Mangan, an hepatologist in Tallahassee, and Dr. Kornetsky, a nephrologist in Manassas — both of whom have graciously donated their expertise to The Baraki Family.

As a next step, we expect to pose a few questions or requests to Dr. Mignot in an e-mail tomorrow evening. Likewise, we are planning a reply to Mr. Francis Christian, who wrote yesterday about the hepatitis B treatments at Apollo Hospital in Ahmedabad.

We also anticipate to write to Dr. Praful as soon as we receive a reply from Dr. Kornetsky to an e-mail we sent him only today.

Thank you yet again for the life-saving care and compassion which you and Dr. Mignot and the other physicians at St. Yared Hospital are giving to Assefa and Robiel.

Most respectfully yours,
Gregory Lloyd

cc: C. Patrick Elms, Jr.
Coordinator of International Missions
NCCL – Project “Looking East”
Morrissville, NC


610/435-2634 tel-office


Gregory P. Lloyd, M.A.
Executive Director

National Coalition of Clergy & Laity
621 Jordan Circle, Whitehall PA 18052-7119 USA



“Pray, hope, and don’t worry.” St. Padre Pio

——– Original Message ——–
From: Akeza Teame, MD – Medical Director, St Yared Hospital Addis Ababa ETHIOPIA
To: Dr Mignot Belay – Director of the Kidney Center, St. Yared Hospital
Subject: Re:kidney patient report
Date: Thu Jul 28 2011 13:13:28 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Dear Dr. Mignot,
Thank you for your prompt action. Please include Mr. Elms and Mr. Lloyd in all your correspondences with me or Apollo so that they can prepare on their end simultaneously.
Again, thank you for all your help to Assefa.

Akeza Teame, MD
Medical Director
Saint Yared General Hospital
Board-certified in Internal Medicine (US)
Board-certified in Infectious Diseases (US)
P.O.Box 54990
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Website: http://www.saintyared.com

— On *Thu, 7/28/11, Mignot Belay MD //* wrote:
From: Mignot Belay MD
Subject: kidney patient report
To: Dr Praful Pawar – Apollo Hospital, Ahmedabad INDIA
Cc: Teame Akeza MD
Date: Thursday, July 28, 2011, 5:43 AM

Dear Dr.Praful
This is the recent laboratory test of patient Assefa Hailu.
ECHO is normal. I have also attached copy of the patient Assefa and his donor brother Robiel passport as you requested. Eagerly waiting for your prompt response what to do next. Thank you.
Mignot Belay, MD
Kidney Center
St. Yared Hospital



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