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Straight to the Embassy

Preparations for Asefa’s journey continues, beginning as many things do with plenty of paperwork.

Subject: question of when and manner to present required supporting documentation of non-immigrant visa application for purpose of medial treatment

Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2012
From: Gregory Lloyd
To: Hon Scott Riedmann – Consul US Embassy Ethiopia Addis Ababa
CC: Rev Father Tesfamariam Baraki, Rev Father Abraha Baraki, C Patrick Elms – NCCL Coordinator of International Missions

Hon. Scott Riedmann, Consul
United States Embassy – Addis Ababa

in re question of when and manner to present the required supporting documentation of non-immigrant visa applications for purpose of medial treatment/kidney transplant at Georgetown University Hospital, Washington D.C. for Ethiopian citizens Asefa Hailu Baraki, age 22, and his 19 year-old blood-brother & kidney donor Robel Hailu Baraki, patients at St. Yared General Hospital, Addis Ababa

Honorable and dear Consul Riedmann,

please accept this e-mail in order to pose questions the answers to which I and my colleagues have not yet been able to find while closely studying the websites of the State Department and the Embassy, including the answers to the “Ask the Consul” posted here, the following & related/linked pages of the Embassy here, as well as the FAQs here and here, inter alia.

In the first place, permit me to say that the designers of State’s travel websites and the Embassy’s website in particular are to be commended for the precision & variety of information presented there, as well as for the user-friendly excellence in general of the pages related to visa application.

The answer to only one question has thus far eluded us. Namely, when and in what manner should the letters of medical & financial support be presented? Are the applicants themselves to include electronic copies of the subject letters when submitting the DS-160 online applications? Should they instead present hard copies of the same statements when they appear in person for interview? Or, shall those of us writing the letters send them directly to the Consular office of the Embassy in Addis — and if so, via e-mail or old-fashioned post?

The writers of the letters include Georgetown University Hospital – Georgetown Transplant Institute, Dr. Kenneth Kornetsky, nephrologist and a director of Medical Missionaries, the family and other financial guarantors for the young men, and the small but persevering non-profit charity (NCCL – Looking East) which I represent.

Thanking you in advance for your attention to this inquiry and for your promptest response, I am

Yours sincerely & respectfully,
Gregory Lloyd

cc: Rev. Fr. Tesfamariam Baraki (paternal uncle of patient-applicants)

Rev. Fr. Abraha Baraki (paternal uncle of patient-applicants)

Asefa Hailu Baraki (out-patients, St. Yared General Hospital)

Robel Hailu Baraki
Addis Ababa

C. Patrick Elms – NCCL Coordinator of International Missions

Kenneth Kornetsky, M.D.

Rachel C. Thomas, MBA, BSN, RN, CNN
Vice President – Georgetown Transplant Institute

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