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What if you were a refugee, then enslaved, then imprisoned?

Thanks to the generous prayers & works of NCCL’s friends like you some young Christian Ethiopian & Eritrean women, and a young man, were ransomed from human-traffickers in Egypt.

They made it, thanks be to God, to safety in Israel … well, three of them did: a companion, God rest her soul, was shot on the frontier — whether by Egyptian or Israeli guards, or the traffickers, is unknown.

Thanks to NCCL’s benefactors, this charity was able sustain the three refugees with alms once in Israel. Their names are Abeba Hagos, Rahwa Ghidey and (the young man) Henoch Yosef.

They were later released from the detention camps and are still, months later, huddling for survival in a nearby, cramped apartment with 13 other Ethiopians & Eritreans, many of them related.

Please pray for them.

Click here to view news reports of the brutal exploitation in the Sinai region of our African brethren in Christ.

Now it is a matter of bringing Abeba and Rahwa to the States, if possible. Or to Italy, where they have a better chance of finding refugee status, because of the reparation the Italians are still feeling and making since the days of the barbarous attack on Ethiopia in the 1930s.

Our plans are to turn fuller attention back to those Ladies and to Henoch after, Assefa, the young Ethiopian lad in need of kidney transplant (from his younger brother, Robiel) can be brought to the States for the operation. Sooner, if NCCL’s benefactors can help.

There is much to pray & work for. Please give generously to save lives!

If you can lend support of any kind (prayerful or professional) to help the young Ladies and Hennoch, please contact the Executive Director asap.

Phone 610/435-2634 or e-mail the Executive Director.


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